you'll never have time Mumma

It’s a distant memory. Coffees alone while you read a book. Drinks with the girls and late nights partying. Sleeping in until midday. Holidays – proper holidays. Deep and meaningful chats with your partner

Gone those days may be but the new days can be incredible in all kinds of different ways if you allow it.

 Right, now STOP.

Take 3 deep breaths, look in the mirror and say out loud ‘you’re amazing and you’re worth it’.

Us Mumma’s allow guilt to plague us in all kinds of ways and we feel like we must go go go 24-7. But beautiful lady you don’t. You truly don’t.

When we put everyone in our lives before us things start to go pear shaped. The only way everything works is when you put yourself first. Big concept hey?

But let’s break it down… let’s make it easy for every mumma to do something for her every day…. Here’s the things to make time for and don’t tell me you don’t have time when most of us wake so early anyway!!!!

Think about your day and consider do you need to do all these things? What would happen if you didn’t do them? Nothing! So don’t….


Promise me you’ll do one or all of these things pleaseeeeee? You’re worth it….


  • 3 deeps breaths – can be while you’re rocking a cot with a screaming baby or your toddlers having a meltdown over how you cut their toast

  • Actually taste a meal or entire cup of coffee – YES food has actual flavor and NO kids leftovers off the floor do not count as a meal for this activity

  • Once the kids go down I know you want to pass out on the lounge but instead fill a bucket with warm water and Epson salts and bathe your poor destroyed feet

  • Go for a slow walk and actually look at nature – it has incredible effects and you will feel all the better getting out of the house – preferably alone

  • Put ear plugs in your ears and listen to absolute silence – relish in it… isn’t it beautiful after the endless noise you’ve had all day???

  • Do something you adored before kids – pedicure, painting, cooking, bath, meditate whatever floats your boat

  • Have a glass of wine – don’t worry about what time it is that’s just a technicality baby

  • Buy a massage chair – sit and watch the kids play / fight / injure each other while you relax in a world of massage right in your living room

–  Call a friend – have a deep, good, juicy D&M, cry, laugh, yell, scream – whatever you need…

Tag a friend you’ve been meaning to have one of these calls with for way too long and make the time!!!!

  1. Samar - Curvy Mummy 7 months ago

    I love this. So many simple ways us mummas easily forget to stop and do for ourselves.

    • Author
      Katie 7 months ago

      Thanks Samar! You are 100% right x

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