The Tree House – Stafford City’s Free Play Zone is Now Open

Stafford City is the closest shopping center to Mums of Brisbane Headquarters, so needless to say we have spent a fair bit of time there over the last few years.

The centre became a convenient destination for us, where we could shop for the basics and be on our way.

But Stafford City is changing, I have been noticing it a lot lately, shops are being remodeled, the centre has had a bit of a facelift and they have opened a brand-new play zone – The Tree House. A zone where parents and carers can get some much-needed respite while out shopping.

We recently went along to check it out, and we were so impressed by the size of the space and the facilities available.

This is what we thought of The Tree House Play Area.


Welcome to the Tree House!

The Tree House is located between Aldi and Big W, directly across from EB Games. It was formerly a clothing shop but now the whole space has been dedicated to kids and fun.


There were lots of things to see and do.

It is a large space, with plenty of seating options from comfortable bean bags to kid sized tables and chairs. There is also parent seating available in the zone. If you can’t get down on the floor, there is a bench seat, where you can take a break while watching your kids enjoy the space. Hubby and I both tested the bean bags and they were awesome – not just for the kids! Mama needs a break too sometimes.


The Space is bright and fun!

The walls are decorated in bright and colourful characters (e.g. bees and butterflies). The zone also highlighted aspiring words for kids to soak in. Some other families came and went while we were playing, but it never felt crowded.


The giant games were a hit!

The play equipment consists of giant games including Connect 4, Naught’s and Crosses and Lego. The kids loved the oversized nature of the games provided and, while they are too young to play the ‘games’ properly, they had lots of fun making up their own games with them. There was also a few games or toys for younger children, but even the youngest toddler would love playing with the giant games provided.


A tunnel and a cubby for hide and seek games!

The cubby and tunnel are perfect for hide and seek games – although there was so much else to do the kids didn’t go into this area too much.


Colour to your hearts content.

There were coloring in pages and drawing paper provided at the kid’ s seating area. You could join in with your children and color in or let their drawing imagination run free.


Archie Loved Looking at the books.

In one corner there was a reading area stocked with books and beanbags.


Discounts for everyone!

A great feature was the discount codes provided on one wall, with a printed brochure and to go with it. The genius thing about this is that it is weaved into the décor, so it doesn’t look tacky or out of place.


I could do with a coffee and a croissant…

The HUGE black board was a hit. Archie especially loved the eraser – he took it for many walks all around the tree house play area.


Free Wi-Fi

The free Wi-Fi was a nice touch and shows that Stafford City isn’t just thinking about the needs of the kids.


Xavier loved being measured!

The kids loved measuring themselves on the measuring wall (although Xavier stood on his tip toes to be taller 😊).


It was kept clean and tidy.

I was impressed with how clean it was as well, knowing how kids play areas can get over time. While we were there a cleaner dropped by to check that everything was in order and had a little chat with Archie, which he loved.


You can find it just between Big W and Aldi.

Overall, I was really impressed by the play area. It rated highly on cleanliness, space and fun. I will drop by for a ‘break’ whenever I am shopping with the kids.


They boys loved the giant games, even if they didn’t use them properly. ..

Why you should check out Stafford City today

As a mum, one of the key attractions to Stafford City for me is that it has an Aldi, Woolworths and Big W all in the one place. Less stops for me means less stress while shopping overall.


Woolworths and Aldi together in one shopping centro.

What I love about this new play area and its location is that I can do my shopping at Aldi, head to The Tree House for a bit of a break and then finish off my shopping at Woolworths. There is also a butcher, a baker and a fruit and vegie shop for your groceries.


Can you see me?

We took a good look around while we were at Stafford City and I noticed a lot of changes taking place. Not only have they developed The Tree House as a kids play area, but within the last 12 months Hoyts and Woolworths have undergone full renovations.


There are so many options in the food court too.

I have always loved the food court for its varied offerings – you can get a kebab or sushi, subway or carvery to name a few.

The kids had a lot of fun at The Tree House, it is worth a visit the next time you are at Stafford City.


Katie is the Managing Director and Editor at Mums of Brisbane. Most days will find her drinking coffee, playing racing cars and trying not to step barefoot on Lego. She lives with her husband and three children in beautiful Brisbane. You can read her story here.



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